Herlogas: design, manufacture and distribution of equipment and accessories for gas facilities

"INDUSTRIAS HERLO" was founded in 1960 as an LPG company, changing its name to HERLOGAS, S.A. 18 years later.

Nowadays, with more than 50 years of industry experience, HERLOGAS, S.A. is a leading engineering firm in the design, manufacture and distribution of industrial equipment for gas facilities, combining the tradition and know-how it has acquired over time with its constant search for new horizons.

Our main goal is to save energy by using gas directly in our designs.


A key area for results is the Technical Office, where engineering for new products (R&D) is developed. At HERLOGAS we have invested more than 50 years in researching, developing and innovating our gas combustion equipment.

The best example of innovation is DIRECT GAS HEATING in processes previously unthinkable. A reality in thousands of industries which now enjoy low consumption, high performance, high heating speed, etc.


HERLOGAS is committed to the effectiveness of its procedures and the optimisation of its services in a process of ongoing improvement.

We count on a professional team, in constant innovation, accredited with regularly reviewed quality certificates.

Our goal is your satisfaction.


ISO 9001 Certification ISO 14001 Certification

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Maintenance and Repair

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Technical support. 48 hours

Technical support
48 hours

Warranty 1 year expandable to 10

Warranty 1 year
expandable to 10